Welcome to Resoline

We’re the go-to place and exchange for reaching resolutions on any issue, dispute, disagreement, or concern. Experts, professionals, and others join clients to settle matters.

Visitors to this site can follow one of the paths below as a client with an issue to be resolved or to register to help clients resolve issues. Individuals may use both paths if appropriate.

Experts, Professionals and others can find out more and register with us via the following link to become eligible to assist clients with their issues.

Clients with matters to be resolved

Whether you have a simple issue that can be addressed fully online by Resoline’s unique automated panelist process or a more complex issue that requires in depth involvement from registered arbitrators, mediators, lawyers, counselling professionals (e.g. psychologists, social workers, etc.), we will assist in getting it resolved.

If you are already familiar with Resoline’s offerings, just login, register, and begin to either:

Select Panelists
and submit issue
for Vote
Select Professional Assistance
(available are arbitrators, mediators,
lawyers, psychologists, psychiatrists,
social workers, others).

Otherwise, continue reading to learn more.

You may also call our Hotline 1-800-258-6490 or email us at support@resoline.com for further assistance. Please leave your contact information, name, telephone number, email address (if available) for us to reach you. We will respond within 24 hours or sooner.

More about Resoline

The panelist process

Resoline compiles a database of experts, professionals, and individuals with various backgrounds (certifications, skills, abilities, interests, etc.) who are willing to review and analyze issues that you present for resolution by vote. You may select an odd number of panelists from a list provided by Resoline or Resoline will randomly select the panel based on your criteria.

Resoline also has a standing list of seasoned professionals who will serve as panelists, should you not wish to state criteria for the selection.

You may submit your issue for vote with the choices to be voted on by the panelists. Resoline will provide the document to the panelists, tally their votes, and send you the result. (Alternative means of submitting issues and receiving results may be provided upon request via the Hotline Telephone Number above.)

Deeper Professional Assistance

Resoline has an established list of fully qualified arbitrators, mediators and other professionals (lawyers, former judges, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, others) who are available to provide their official services to satisfy your needs. Many have their own offices and firms, but have chosen the Resoline exchange to reach you.

These professionals provide one on one service and consultation, rather than via a vote through a Resoline panel, as explained above. By the way, some of these professionals may also be selected as panelists in the Panelist Process.

How this works:

You decide the issue for which you need professional assistance, advice, or a determination. We provide a list of Resoline professionals from which you can select one or more whom you believe can meet your needs. You may then reach out to one or more of them via the contact information provided on their profile. Any fees for their services are negotiated directly between you and the professional you choose.

Alternatively, Resoline will randomly select a professional for you based on the criteria you submit. A small service fee payable to Resoline from you will be required for this selection, whether or not you and the professional enter into a business relationship beyond the initial introduction. Any fees for the professional’s services are negotiated directly between you and the professional Resoline chooses.

Other Resoline Services

We also provide people relations consulting and training to help organizations strengthen teamwork while achieving maximum effectiveness. Intranets and extranets can be developed for institutions and organizations using the Resoline methodology or hybrids that meet your needs.

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